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Nuwamanya and Seruga blow their cover by celebrating Museveni’s promotion of the renowned anti-Rwanda champions

If there was ever doubt that Sulah Nuwamanya Wakabirigi and Titus Seruga aka Serubwa were on the payroll of Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI), their jubilation at Abel Kandiho the CMI boss’s promotion servers as definite proof.

What is even more disheartening is the revelation that slips their hands in the jubilation, Kandiho and his deputy CK Asiimwe have been rewarded with promotion to higher ranks for their anti-Rwanda duties.

Sulah Nuwamanya is a member of the Rwandan National Congress, his congratulatory post speaks volumes and confirms that his terrorist organization has CMI support. Together with one Prossy Bonaabana, Nuwamanya set up a fake NGO (Self-Worth Initiative) to launder money and recruit for the terrorist organization while pretending to be a humanitarian. Boonabana equally enjoys close contact with CK Asiimwe, CMI counter-terrorism Director, she has over the years become his mistress.

The common denominator between Kandiho, CK Asiimwe, Nuwamanya and Bonaabana is simple; the persecution of innocents Rwandans and recruitment of militias to subvert Rwanda. Under Kandiho’s direction; CMI routinely abducts, tortures and kills innocent Rwandans who refuse to be recruited by RNC or SWI (RNC’s satellite NGO). Nuwamanya, a Rwandan National, shoots himself in the foot when he openly thanks Kandiho and Asiimwe for “meritorious service against foreign subversive activities” and for representing “forces pushing for justice and freedom of all.”

No one, in the hundreds of innocents Rwandans taken to CMI torture centers was ever charged in a court of law. When a hardened terrorist like Nuwamanya sees merit, it is understandable that the rest of the world sees abduction, torture and murder.

Seruga aka Serubwa had to throw his hands in the clapping frenzy. Paid by CMI, he is their Facebook support in their online smear campaign against Rwanda. Having failed his fake gay marriage asylum claim in Belgium, he earns a living with CMI payments. Serubwa had to congratulate his bosses especially as he recently lost favor as his godfather, Henry Tumukunde, spectacularly crashed out of the Museveni inner circles.

The promotions and the congratulatory messages prove what is now public domain, Uganda’s anti-Rwandan agenda is real and deeply entrenched in the Ugandan regime.

Despite CMI, RNC trolls’ distraction Ugandans still remember that Museveni killed Col Noble Mayombo

Obed Katureebe, or Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere on Facebook, regularly takes Museveni’s murders and pins them on others. Unfortunately for Katureebe, he cannot erase facts with mere Facebook posts as Museveni’s murders are well documented. His latest post on the late Col Noble Mayombo’s murder will only remind the world of his sponsor’s crimes.

In sponsoring the Rwandan National Congress (RNC) propagandist Obed Katureebe, the nephew of RNC cofounder Patrick Karegeya, the Ugandan ruler’s hope is that he can simply blame everything on Rwanda. The witch hunt and scapegoat tactics are state run, after all, Katureebe officially works for the Ugandan Communication Commission (UCC). Museveni pays him taxpayers’ money to hoodwink Ugandans that the mess is foreign sponsored.

Col Mayombo a well trained soldier and lawyer m, like many others, was killed by Museveni in his effort to cling to power and secure his son’s succession. It has been Museveni’s priority for the last 35 years, his sole objective and guiding principle is: How to stay and keep his family in power.

For that to be achieved, Museveni has killed with poison or outright assassinations all potential candidates for the top seat. Col Noble Mayombo, Andrew Rutakome Kayira, Francis Ayume, Gen James Kazini, Gen Aronda Nyakairima, AIGP Andrew Kaweesi, and others who exposed his regime’s shortcomings like ASP Muhamama Kirumira and many more, the list of his victims run in the hundreds.

Obed Katureebe blame games will not stick, political assassinations have been a hallmark of the Museveni regime. Worryingly, the sponsored Facebook mouthpiece drops names in his post like Lt-Gen. James Mugira. In recent years, such name dropping automatically attracts Lt-Gen. Muhoozi (Museveni’s son) jealousy and he too automatically kills whoever he perceives as a threat to his succession plan.

Gen Mugira, or anyone in UPDF who have the misfortune of being popular and “President” material, should be extremely careful as Museveni gets older and weaker. The father and son are constantly scanning for anyone that might challenge their succession project. Lt-Gen. (rtd) Tumukunde is currently tasting Father and Son resolve in their project.

Blaming Rwanda for Col Mayombo is a smoke screen. Inadvertently, it does remind us of a lethal tactic that was used by Museveni to stay in power for last 35 years.

Ugandans left wondering whether Coronavirus is more dangerous to them than Museveni’s brutal security agencies

To RNC terror outfit apologists and Uganda state house sponsored propagandists, every other country should conduct its affairs like Uganda. To them, Museveni is the ‘model leader’ that every other leader should follow. They think that like them, the rest of the world revolves around state house Uganda.

Obed Katureebe alias Robert Patrick Fati Gakwerere, the Uganda Communication Commission senior official in charge of anti-Rwanda propaganda, and David Murunganwa alias Himbara, the RNC terrorist propaganda machine under the remuneration of disgraced businessman Tribert Rujugiro Ayabatwa, are especially obsessed with this flawed fallacy.

The two have sustained the narrative that President Kagame, like Museveni should make daily appearances on national TV, to address the nation and give updates on Rwanda’s progress in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic. They argue that the presidential addresses are aimed at ‘comforting’ the population.

Now, the problem is that the model they want other leaders to emulate is actually the best example of what leaders should not do during a national disaster. The approach is only applicable in a country like Uganda, where the president has usurped all institutional instruments and rendered them impotent.

While Museveni has been all over television screens on a daily basis doing nothing but teach Ugandans basic biology, in the meantime the world has learnt of how Uganda government officials have exploited the pandemic for personal gain, exposing Ugandans to greater risk of infection.

The world has also been exposed to the ugliest side of Museveni’s 35 year rule, after he unleashed his army, police and Local Defense Unit, ostensibly to enforce his directives aimed at containing the spread of the pandemic in Uganda.

However, it was apparent that Museveni’s security forces are not trained to protect Ugandans, but rather, they are programmed unleash all sorts of brutality on them as well as violently suppressing political opponents, not to enforce and maintain law and order. This was evident on Kampala streets when, instead of enforcing the directives of ensuring Ugandans only go out on the streets to engage in essential activities, they descended on them with brutal force, clobbering them senselessly and looting their merchandise. To the brainwashed Museveni security forces, Ugandans are the enemy with whom they had to deal with mercilessly.

Thousands of innocent Ugandans traders, young and old, suffered broken bones and wounds, and lost the little investments and businesses that had kept them and their families scrapping through the already generally difficult situation in Uganda. Many were left wondering whether Coronavirus was actually more of a threat to their lives than Museveni’s security apparatus.

For Museveni’s propagandists Obed Katureebe and David Murunganwa Himbara to suggest that Museveni is the model leader, especially after his numerous goofs in the face of the Coronavirus Pandemic is an insult to our intelligence.

It is perhaps right for Museveni to be seen as the lead figure in the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic only because he has always imposed himself on Ugandans instead of creating institutions that would outlive him and his NRM. These unnecessary appearances on TV are part of Museveni’s grand scheme in which he aims to impose himself on Ugandans as a deity of sorts, to create the impression that Ugandans would not survive without him.

The thing is, Uganda and Rwanda may as well be entities from distinctively different planets. The aspirations of Rwandans and their leaders are well set out and they always work together to achieve as much as their situations can permit, with everyone playing their respective role. The fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic is being treated as another challenge that should be tackled in the same laid out approach, only with a bit more vigilance because of the magnitude and the threat it presents.

CMI and ISO bosses fight over “Anti-Rwanda campaign” funds

Titus Seruga, alias Serubwa’s monologue rants against Uganda’s Internal Security Organisation boss (Rtd) Col Kaka Bagyenda is a manifest of long simmering conflict between Abel Kandiho and Kaka Byagenda occasioned by the allocation of the intelligence operations budget. Serubwa is simply a proxy being fronted by Abel Kandiho to intimidate his rival into submission so that he can cede the battle for the state house budget.

Apparently, what Serubwa has been writing about Rwanda is not the issue. Rather, as credible sources have indicated for some time, the conflict between the two intelligence chiefs is the dominant subject, and Rwanda is only featuring as collateral damage. As Serubwa fights his boss Kandiho’s proxy war against Kaka, he is obliged to follow the anti –Rwanda propaganda editorial line issued to him by Museveni’s handlers.

Commentators say it was only a matter of time before the conflict between the two notorious intelligence chiefs came to the fore. The two gentlemen are known to put their personal interests first, and their conflicts over money allocated by Museveni have been a constant feature in intelligence boardrooms. Kandiho has ammunition in Serubwa to overpower his bitter rival.

David Murunganwa aka Himbara; high on weed and unable to keep up with reality

David Murunganwa Himbara, the RNC terrorist propagandist, must have smoked more weed than usual and his latest post shows it. Barely 48 hours after writing that the lockdown strategy against the COVID-19 pandemic would not work in Rwanda, has he now written that tea farmers are harvesting their crops. He writes it as if it is breaking news thereby exposing his disconnect to reality.

After about ten years of a self-imposed exile, Himbara has lost touch with reality in Rwanda. A recent interview in Kinyarwanda proved it; he could barely compose a full sentence. When Rwanda announced tough movement restrictions to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, the announcement made it clear that key sectors would continue. Banks, utility companies, food markets, fuel and gas stations, telecommunications companies and farming among other sectors remain operational.

Murunganwa knows these facts but to earn a living, he has to satisfy his sponsors by writing and publishing rubbish. The Ugandan regime and Tribert Rujugiro, an international fraudster and terrorist chief financier, pay Murunganwa to smear Rwanda. With his limited knowledge of Rwanda, he resorts to “Google” and online articles searches to distort facts. His weed smoking conveniently deletes from his hate filled brain basic inconvenient facts.

Readers of his latest post will be wondering what exactly is wrong with him. Does he think a lockdown prevents harvesting or did he miss the point where farming activities where exonerated from the lockdown? The answer is that Muruganwa aka Himbara is paid to write in support of his sponsors’ anti-Rwanda propaganda. His sponsors recruited well as he is never sober enough to realize that he is an online laughing stock, a useful idiot that no longer cares about reality.

As Ugandan officials smuggle family members out of quarantine, CMI funded troll Obed Katureebe Unashamedly praises Uganda’s mishandling COVID-19

The Uganda communication Commission (UCC)’s Obed Katureebe fancies being and sounding like an intellectual. However, sycophancy that feeds into his minute brain have been, and will always be the main impediment to him ever achieving this or any other thing in life.

Despite knowing that his efforts are futile, the Uganda state house and CMI propagandist never gives up. He has turned Rwanda into his preferred guinea pig, onto which he test-drives his futile intellectual trials.

As Obed tries dwells on Rwanda’s leadership and governance style and trying desperately to find fault where there is none, he deliberately ignores the ills of governance committed by his paymaster Museveni, who has ruled Uganda for 35 years, having been helped by Rwandan refugees to grab power.

Commentators on African governance have always joked that Museveni’s rule in Uganda is like driving a car in ‘free gear’ (manual transmission), or ‘neutral’ (for automatic transmission), where Ugandans are made to push the car throughout the 35 years of him being in the driver’s seat.

As Obed wonders why the Rwandan President is not going on live TV like his old paymaster to give addresses and updates on Coronavirus in Rwanda, the world has been wondering why Museveni is embarrassing himself by doing so. In Rwanda, things follow logic and method. Rwanda has a well-oiled system where things follow a logical path, not volongoto way of doing things in Uganda.

The dim-witted Uganda statehouse apologist is castigating the Rwandan President for letting institutions and relevant leaders do their job without interruption. He believes everyone should commit leadership blunders like his master. Unlike Uganda, Rwanda has been able to effectively follow WHO’s guidelines and recommendations of Isolate, test, treat and trace. The result has been a systematic isolation of suspected cases for testing and management. The well managed lockdown and well communicated directives issued to the population are expected to yield impressive results.

In contrast, while Museveni has been busy convening Coronavirus taskforce teams at state house and teaching Ugandans primary school biology on television, senior government and state house officials, senior army and police officers were smuggling relatives and family members arriving at Entebbe airport from high risk countries like the US, Italy, China and Dubai.

While being entertained by Museveni at state house, the Coronavirus taskforce’s valuable time is wasted, as the smuggled relatives of the untouchable families infiltrate their suburbs and villages to mingle and infect ordinary Ugandans who were hitherto not at any risk.

By the time they leave state house late in the evening, the taskforce led by the minister of health is too tired and confused to know where to start and where to end. It is not surprising therefore, that in spite of the so many suspected cases from high risk countries; Uganda has continued to under declare confirmed Coronavirus cases.
Ugandans and the taskforce know thoroughly well that Uganda is a Coronavirus ticking bomb, but they have nothing much to do about it since their hands are tied, by a ruler who would rather sell himself to the world on television than let institutions and the ministry of health do their work at a time when the country needs leadership most.

In Obed’s pseudo-intellectual logic, effective leadership is manifested by how many times a President appears on TV, and it doesn’t matter whether what he is saying has no circumstantial substance.

David Murunganwa aka Himbara turns to Rwanda’s COVID-19 cases as other anti-Rwanda narratives collapse

In his effort to slander Rwanda, David Murunganwa aka Himbara writes fiction that Rwandans are incapable of following COVID-19 social distancing measures. He claims that Rwandans are too poor and that they have no option but to violate movement restrictions to trade for survival. His claims are absurd and motivated by his failed sponsored propaganda objectives; to destabilize Rwanda.

David Murunganwa has been doctoring videos to push his hostile propaganda on Rwanda. In one instance, he uses a video of smugglers to fabricate a narrative that the smugglers are desperate legitimate traders. Yet the video clearly takes by other law abiding citizens. The weed smoking propagandist doctored interpretations cannot explain why some are taking the video peacefully. If he was sober, Murunganwa would remember that trades in food, utilities and other necessities were allowed to continue. He would then understand why legitimate traders are filming smugglers.

In a different video taken on Monday, the propagandist misleads by removing the context. The video shows one of the busiest bus stations in Rwanda as the movement restrictions come into force on day one. Naturally, a small minority of city dwellers hoped to catch a last minute bus and expressed concern. To anyone who knows how busy the bus station usually is, the video actually shows a 99.9% compliance. Once again, the terrorist propagandist deliberately omitted the context to fabricate a lie

Himbara’s sponsors insist on painting Rwanda as a poverty stricken country. He is sponsored by the corrupt Ugandan regime and an international fraudster, Tribert Rujugiro aka AnkleBeeps, who do everything to counter the Rwanda success story. They do so out of envy, jealousy and spite because progress in Rwanda makes them look bad. They pay David Murunganwa to write smears with fabricated facts as they sponsor armed terrorist militias yet none of their efforts have been successful.

The weed smoking propagandist and his sponsors see the COVID-19 as an opportunity to enhance their agenda. Murunganwa aka Himbara lives in a country with 70 times more cases than Rwanda. Himbara and his sponsors are all over 70 with frail immune systems. But they hate Rwanda so much that they are blinded by how COVID-19 is more of a threat to their lives than Rwandans.